About Us

Welcome to MJS Live Productions! We are a media organization founded in 2012 with one goal: Creating lasting impressions on your audience through captivating media.

Today, people not only seek professional quality media, they expect it. If you want your audience to stay interested, presenting your brand, channel, or concert in a way which meets the highest standards of quality is a must.

Founded by a group of media students who studied and learned together, our team offers both a young and fresh approach to new media, and professional grade experience to back it.

Our internet-centered culture presents media as a great source of opportunity, and also a great challenge. With our 25+ combined years of experience in new media, we can surmount this great challenge together and create amazing experiences for your audience which bring you and your business the right kind of attention.

Let’s work together to make your next project the best yet, to take on a challenge which will yield a greater result for you, your brand, or your organization than ever before.

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